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معرض ميزون&أوبجيه باريس: تجربة العملاء في قلب الأعمال وتكريم المواهب الشابة البريطانية

17 December 2016
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For its next January edition which will be held from the 20th to 24th, at Paris Nord Villepinte, MAISON&OBJET PARIS is proposing innovative concepts by developing its offer and is celebrating the creation with the RISING TALENT AWARDS UK. Once again, MAISON&OBJET PARIS confirms its position of being THE leading decoration show connecting the interior design & lifestyle community worldwide.

Looking to broaden its professional audience while continuing to meet exhibitors’ expectations for networking and business development opportunities, MAISON&OBJET PARIS is once again upgrading the trade fair experience by bringing innovative concepts and practical solutions to the upcoming January show. Industry professionals will find a rich and inspiring visitor experience and exhibitors will enjoy the updated layout, which will allow them to reach new markets.

Spotting highlights at a glance

A place to meet, share, do business and find inspiration, trade fairs are an opportunity to gain better understanding of the market and the competition, to discover today’s trends and anticipate tomorrow’s. With the rise of multichannel marketing, visitors expect an inspiring and tangible experience, one that justifies travelling a long way to attend the fair.

That is why, in addition to the Inspirations Forum (Hall 7), which has provided forward-looking insight into the industry for years, MAISON&OBJET PARIS will now be offering a quick overview of the season’s highlights with a What’s New! exhibit in each of M&O’s MAISON and OBJET Hubs (Halls 3 & 6).

MO Sept 16 6307 800 800Enjoying an optimised layout

In order to bring more visibility to retailers, MAISON&OBJET PARIS continues its methodical efforts to spotlight exhibitors, with greater integration of fabrics and home textile brands into the COSY & ELEGANT sectors, and a specific focus on the KIDS sector.

In order to meet the needs of specifiers working on the contract market, the MAISON&OBJET PARIS team have also worked on achieving greater synergy between the Halls more specifically targeted to contract professionals: ACTUEL & INFLUENCES.


A new strategic step in its digital strategy, MAISON&OBJET PARIS launches the MAISON&OBJET AND MORE (MOM) platform: mom.maison-objet.com.

In addition, celebrating emerging talent is a long standing tradition for MAISON&OBJET PARIS.

The most promising talents from the United Kingdom

The RISING TALENT AWARDS, which reveal tomorrow’s star lifestyle designers in a curated space is always an eagerly awaited event for the thousands of professionals visiting the show each season.

For the up-coming edition, MAISON&OBJET PARIS is proud to announce RISING TALENT AWARDS UK with the support of Sir John Sorrell, founder of London Design Festival, the London Design Biennale and the Saturday Night Club Trust.

The RISING TALENTS AWARDS UK is a very special happening. This season the show invited six of the most famous names in the world of design and lifestyle to nominate one of the six talents. From the most promising in Great Britain today, whether British nationality or from abroad, one thing unites them: living and working in the UK.

The six internationally acclaimed designers are: Sir Paul Smith, Tom Dixon, Ilse Crawford, Nigel Coates, Ross Lovegrove and Jay Osgerby.

The UK RISING TALENTS are: Marcin Rusak, John Booth, Giles Miller, Sebastian Cox, Studio SWINE and Zuza Mengham.

MAISON&OBJET PARIS is committed to promoting excellence, innovation and quality, while nurturing inspirational creatives.

You can see below some images of the precedent September edition's MAISON&OBJET PARIS

© Photos : Salons News

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MAISON&OBJET PARIS - Septembre 2016
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